Victoria Contreras Flores: STAGE
Victoria Contreras Flores: 7 DEADLY SINS THE 7 DEADLY SINS - 50 animated backgrounds for the stage, Art Direction & a WebSite for last K. Weill and B. Brecht short opera. First performance: Sevilla, Monasterio de la Cartuja, Centro de Arte contemporaneo Andaluz. Opening produced by BMW Spain. Visit:

>> Download Quick Time Movie 5 mb.

Victoria Contreras Flores SER 2 (2003) - Graphic image, drawings and animations in an adaptation for the stage of an Agustín Garcia Calvo tale. Visit:>> Download Quick Time Movie 4 mb. Victoria Contreras Flores OCEANOGRAFICO DE VALENCIA - Big screen visuals (30 minutes of artistic animation) projected on a 50x9m wall, for the opening show of the Oceanographic Museum in Valencia. >> Download 2mn: Quick Time Movie 11mb.
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